FVGBPP is Alive and Well!

Hi Everyone,

As we approach the winter months, it is time to reflect on this year’s events and begin thinking about the next turn of the wheel. There have been a few changes made within our organization that we’d like to share with you.

First, it is with deep regret that we announce Amanda Line’s resignation as Event Coordinator. Amanda was one of the two founders of our organization, and her contribution has been nothing short of incredible. Amanda is stepping down to better balance her professional and personal life. We are incredibly grateful for all of the countless hours of hard work she has put into making Fox Valley Pagan Pride Day a success.

As a result, Mary Frampton will be taking over the leadership of our organization. Mary is the other founder of Fox Valley Pagan Pride Day and has also worked tirelessly to build us up to where we are right now. We are in very capable hands and we look forward to having an amazing 2017! Rounding out the organization are Andrea Covey, Tracie Wood and Mike Hoeppner. Feel free to contact any one of us with ideas or comments.

The second announcement is more of an administrative change. Fox Valley Pagan Pride Day, Inc., will be separating from the Pagan Pride Project national organization.The FVGBPP has always been a self-sufficient and self-directed organization. In light of recent struggles with National, we have decided our continued growth and ability to serve our community would be better served without this connection. Don’t worry – this is a positive change! This change gives us more flexibility in direction and purpose, as well as the freedom to focus on the needs of our community!

As part of this separation, we are looking at different options for restructuring our organization and will most likely form a new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This may result in a name change, but our underlying purpose of serving the Fox Valley Pagan community will remain the same.

We fully intend to hold the next Spirit Fair in the spring of 2017; as details are worked out we will keep you posted. We are also planning on having our regular Pagan Pride Day event in late August, but this year we’ll be focusing more on the Pagan community itself and move away from “Paganism 101” workshops. Other exciting changes are in the works as well, so please make sure to check our website or Facebook page regularly because we will provide details as soon as we can. Trust us, it’s going to be epic!

So, to wrap things up, we are undergoing some leadership and structural changes, but other than that it’s business as usual and we look forward to seeing everyone in March and August.

We have a strong Pagan community here in the valley, so let’s tap into this strength and make 2017 the best year yet! If you want to make a difference and show your support, here’s how you can contribute:

  • Volunteer to be a coordinator (or just a regular ‘tell me how I can help’ volunteer)
  • Share your ideas for workshops; i.e. what would you like to learn more about
  • If you’re knowledgeable in a particular area and would like to teach a workshop, let us know!
  • Tell everyone you know to come and have fun at our events
  • Donations and sponsorship are always welcome

Thank you for your time – blessed be!

The Fox Valley/Green Bay Pagan Pride CANCELLED for 2016

Important Announcement

It is with deep regret that we announce the cancellation of this year’s Fox Valley/Green Bay Pagan Pride Day. At this point, we plan to continue and hold an event in 2017 but it will depend on many factors. The Spirit Fair fundraiser held in the spring is still on the schedule. There has been much talk about the desire and need for a Pagan Pride in this region but in many cases the involvement by the community hasn’t been at the level it needs to be for an event of this size. The mission of Pagan Pride Day is to educate the populace and make our minority status presence known. Perhaps this mission is not viewed as necessary in our area, which would explain the community response. Perhaps this event needs to evolve into something else. This is a topic which we will welcome discussion on later. For now, there will be no Fox Valley/Green Bay Pagan Pride Day event on August 27, 2016. We share in the disappointment but look with hope to the future. We’d like to thank the people that have helped, both this year and in the past, and look forward to exciting things in times to come.