About Us

The Fox Valley Pagan Pride is a non-profit organization that specializes in connecting Pagans with other Pagans, as well as maintains a presence in the Fox Valley area to help promote equality of religious expression. We bring together people of all faiths & factions to provide an opportunity to learn what Paganism is all about, abolishing misinformation and misconceptions that revolve around Paganism by educating those that will listen and learn. We do this through providing festivals and events with free educational opportunities and Pagan-cultural entertainment.

Our Pagan Pride Days (as well as our Spirit Fair fundraiser) depend on support from our community, in which we do our best to support them in return.  Our events provide opportunities for vending, teaching, healing and connecting with other Pagans in our area.

We currently have four Event-Coordinators, and are in the process of seeking new individuals to help with the year around planning of our Pagan Pride Day events.


Mary Frampton
Event Coordinator & Webmaster
Email: ghostrose@fvgbpaganpride.org




Tracie Sage Wood
Publicity & Entertainment Coordinator
Email: sage@fvgbpaganpride.org




Andrea Covey
Food & Vendor/Reader Coordinator
Email: andrea@fvgbpaganpride.org





Mike Hoeppner
Security/Safety Coordinator
Email: mike@fvgbpaganpride.org