Spirit Fair Bake Sale Donations

Thank you for wishing to help us with our bake sale at this year’s Spirit Fair!  Our bake sale isn’t really a “sale”, but a donation offering, where people pay what they think is a fair price for the yummy goodness they are receiving.  This is a chance for people to help out a great event while getting a little sweet along with it. 😉

We are also be taking donations for lunch items.  Lunch items should be kept simple (stews, pastas, shredded meat that is simple to serve).  We have access to crock pots and stoves for keeping warm/heating up items.

Thanks again for your generosity!

Spirit Fair Bake Sale Donation

  • Please enter below which items you're planning to donate for our bake sale! We're accepting baked goods as well as lunch type items. The bake sale begins at 10am, with lunch served from 11am - 1pm. PLEASE NOTE: Starting this year, the UU has a no peanut policy that prohibits peanuts in the building due to allergy concerns. This is NOT a no nut policy. Other nuts are allowed, only peanuts are prohibited.

    Thank you for helping with our bake sale!

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