Spirit Fair Workshop Application

So you’d like to present a 60 minute workshop at our Spirit Fair?  Wonderful!  Please fill out the application below.  Workshops will be held between 10am-4pm in the Main Sanctuary. Here are a few things you should know…

  • All workshops must be approved by the Fox Valley Pagan Pride coordinators.  Acceptable topics fall within the realm of spiritual and/or Pagan education (i.e. Wicca 101, Sustainable Living, Crystals & Stones, Astrology, etc). Once your workshop is approved, you will receive an email with your confirmed presentation time.  Workshops are 60 minutes duration.

  • Due to the limited number of vendor spaces, we do not offer any trades of services or workshop presentation for vendor spaces.

  • While we don’t mind a mention or two of one’s business ventures, please keep the advertising to a minimum.  You may have business cards and/or pamphlets available for visitors to take with them.

  • Please do not sell goods and/or services during the workshops.  Workshops are offered for free, so no, you won’t be getting paid.  But you’ll get our eternal gratitude!

  • Workshops are for educational purposes only, not a platform to forward one’s personal views/opinions.  Feel free to engage in open discussion with those that attend, just keep it polite and respectful on all levels.

Thanks for taking the time to help make the Fox Valley Pagan Pride possible!

Workshop Application

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2 Workshop Proposal
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